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In 2014, we focused on the development and ...

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- In 14 years, focusing on red and uv tube development and production -

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In 14 years, focusing on red and uv tube development and production
Star Hiram 6 advantages

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Founded in 2003, T-TEC CHINA(HK) Co.,limited is engaged in professional manufacturing and marketing whole series of LED products Combining with Shenzhen sealand Opto-electronics Co.,ltd and Shenzhen Starsealand Opto-electronics Co.,ltd,which is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. we imported high-accuracy mould-making equipments and sophisticated machines for manufacturing the LED screen .And all our raw materials are from Germany, USA, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. With the business idea of quality first, holding the principle of technical cooperation and innovation, Professional production and sale high-end LED components and LED application lights with high quality and competitive price green energy-saving products...

About starhiram


China has given the green light to LED display companies One Belt And One Road

China is the world's most one of the main production and export base of LED display, LED display in China enterprises produced more than 80% of the global LED display, at present there are more than 160 countries around the world from China purchasing LED display. Europe and the United States is the main market of LED display output in our country, but as North America, the European market is becoming saturated, coupled with increased difficulties of market access, and more in recent years the domestic LED display export enterprises to focus on the "area" all the way along the city and some emerging markets.


How will the One Belt And One Road strategy change the export of LED lighting products in China

"One Belt And One Road" is short for "silk road economic belt" and "21st century maritime silk road". Across Eurasia, the east joins the asia-pacific economic circle and the west enters the European economic circle. Whether it is to develop the economy, improve people's livelihood, or cope with the crisis and accelerate adjustment, many countries along the routes share common interests with China.


LED lighting is the icing on the cake for mobile lighting

Portable lighting has the characteristics of small volume and light weight, belonging to a branch of lighting industry, which occupies an indispensable position in modern life. And our country has become an international important mobile lighting production base, the development trend is swift.

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Can parameters specify leds

The working voltage shown in the parameter table is obtained at a given positive current. It's usually measured at IF= 20mA. The positive working voltage of the luminous diode is 1.4 ~ 3V. When the outside temperature rises, the VF will drop....

Research significance of LED chip

With the rapid development of LED technology and the gradual improvement of LED lighting efficiency, the application of LED will become more and more extensive....

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